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Chow Time Pets Welcomes You

At Chow Time Pet Supply, we take a fresh approach. We have a wide variety of animals, and all the food and supplies they need to be happy, healthy pets. Just step inside our doors and you’ll enter a true pet lover's paradise. We carry top brands of pet food, toys, supplies and much, much more. Stop by today — your pet will thank you!

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Our Products

We love your pets!
Our dedication to animals means you’ll find everything you need to keep your pets happy and healthy pets at Chow Time Pet Supply. We provide a balance of quality, convenience, selection, value and service that you won’t find anywhere else. Check out our inventory to see what’s in store.

Chew Toys & Treats

Caring for a pet can be a challenge, so we like to stock our shelves with products that make things a bit easier. Count on us to offer a good selection of Chew Toys for even the toughest chewers, whether it's your hamster, budgie, bunny, kitten or Rottie.
We also stock a wide variety of top-quality treats with an emphasis on Canadian-made products at a reasonable price. Establishing the perfect environment for your animal doesn’t have to break the bank.


Fish and Aquarium Supplies

We carry a large selection of freshwater fish - tetras, barbs, mollies, platys, guppies, catfish, algae eaters, silver dollars, African cichlids, gouramis, dwarf aquatic frogs, bettas and goldfish are stocked regularly. 
Our staff are well trained in fish and aquarium care and can advise you on which fish can be housed together, common fish illnesses, and new tank syndrome. We also offer free testing of your water during the set up of a new tank to help you keep your fish healthy while you get your aquatic ecosystem stabilized.


Bird, Reptile, & Small Animal Supplies

Every pet owner knows that their animal friends thrive when provided with quality food, long-lasting toys, and tasty treats, and here at Chow Time Pet Supply we’ve got just what you need. The items we provide to you are product tested by our very own pets.  Our most popular foods are Canadian brands, but we also carry a couple of US-made food brands.
During these times of COVID restrictions, it is especially difficult to take your usual care in shopping for your pets. The staff here would love to help you out with your shopping. We can help identify the most suitable products to meet your needs.

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Our Services

Here When You Need Us

Owning a pet adds love and purpose to your life; but it’s natural to encounter a few challenges along the way. Caring for your animals - whether they’re birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians or mammals - begins the moment you make them a part of your home. At Chow Time Pet Supply, we offer a number of services to help your adjustment go smoother and to help you take great care of your pets.

Pet Nutrition Advice

Fish Advice & Water Testing

Caring for our fishy friends

Get in Touch

Pet Tag Engraving

Our friendly staff will be happy to make a personalized tag for your pet so that, if they wander, you'll get them safely home.

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Pet Nutrition Advice

The foundation of healthy pets is good nutrition

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"If a cat could text you back, it wouldn't."


"Everyone thinks he has the best dog... and no one is wrong."

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Contact Us

Come visit our Pet Store to see everything we have to offer! Sure you could send us an email or you could give us a call, but we’d really love to meet you in person. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff can’t wait for you and your pet to stop by for a visit.

807 Highway 17 East, Kenora, ON P9N 1L9, Canada

(807) 468-7257

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