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Owning a pet adds love and purpose to your life; but it’s natural to encounter a few challenges along the way. Caring for your animals - whether they’re birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians or mammals - begins the moment you make them a part of your home. At Chow Time Pet Supply, we offer a number of services to help your adjustment go smoother and to help you take great care of your pets.

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Pet Tag Engraving & City of Kenora Tags

Make sure they get home

We know your pets love you, but sometimes they just want to go exploring.  Make sure they get back to you safely with personalized pet tags and City of Kenora tags.  We offer a wide variety of colour, shape and size of tags for your cat or dog. It takes only minutes for us to engrave them for you.

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Pet Nutrition Advice

Customer Rewards Programs

Frequent Buyer Program and Customer Loyalty Cards

We partner with a number of our food brands to offer our loyal customers frequent buyer rewards.  With the purchase of 10 or 12 (depending on the brand) bags of food, you will earn a free bag of food, a value of up to $112!  Best of all, we'll track it for you here on our computer. Most, but not all, brands are eligible.

Everyone is welcome to a customer loyalty card. Simply have us fill it out each time you shop, limit of once per day. When your card is full, receive $7 off your next purchase!

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Other Services at Chow Time


Water Testing
Wing Clipping
Pinch Collar Sizing & In-store Training
Carry Out Service
Special Orders

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