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Chow Time Pet Supply Policies

A Hassle-Free Experience

At Chow Time Pet Supply, we want to make sure shopping at our welcoming Pet Store is as enjoyable as possible. That’s why we’ve worked hard to make sure our store policies are fair, clear and transparent. You can find a full outline of our policies below. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, get in touch. We look forward to serving you at Chow Time Pet Supply.

Store Policies: Store Policies
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Returns and Refunds

Everything You Need to Know

At Chow Time, it is our practice to keep all livestock for 3-4 days after arrival to assess their health and well-being, ensure that they are eating well, and that they are recovered from the stress of the move.  Following this time period, if all goes well, livestock are available for purchase.

We have a firm policy that fish and animals are not returnable or refundable. Given that we have no control over the conditions that livestock will experience once they leave us, and that all animals, and fish in particular, are sensitive to stresses such as temperature changes, rough handling (accidental or otherwise), over or under feeding, parasites from exposure to other animals... and that any of these stressors can result in injury, illness or death, we do not guarantee pets after customers remove them from the store. 

We do our best to advise and educate customers as much as possible to minimize these stressors.

Store Policies: Return Policy
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Warranty Disclaimer

About Our Policy

We do our best to help you find items that are exactly what you're looking for and to provide great quality items, but we understand that sometimes your purchase might not be as perfect a fit as you initially thought. Or maybe it didn't hold up as expected. We are happy to offer returns on many products.  Receipts and original packaging may be required.

Store Policies: Warranty Disclaimer
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